The Mile High Recovery Project, a program of Mile High Behavioral Healthcare, is behavioral health treatment encompassing substance use and mental health concerns specifically for bisexual and gay men by gay men.

Group sessions, one-on-one counseling, peer-to-peer support groups and holistic approaches are offered to support an individual’s journey through recovery. Treatment plans are co-developed to address a myriad of issues including but not limited to: meth use, alcohol use, other drug use, trauma, self-esteem, effective coping skills, and healthy living in a supportive environment free from judgment and shame and informed by the queer-lived experience. 

Our clinicians represent a diverse approach to therapy with various training and backgrounds, all grounded in trauma-informed care and through the shared experience of being gay men ourselves. The Mile High Recovery Project currently accepts Medicaid and is a Ryan White provider. In addition to treatment, we also offer case management, peer coaching and prevention programming, especially for those currently living with HIV.

Group Treatment

Groups are often an insightful process to hear about the struggles and successes of other people. When we take the leap of showing up in group, we have the opportunity to get insight about how other people see us and learn more about how we operate in relationship to others. The Mile High Recovery Project offers the following groups:

Tuesday – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 1:00 pm -2:30 pm
An evidenced based group which uses a CBT workbook to teach group members skills in identifying and challenging problematic thinking patterns replacing them with healthy, constructive ways of thinking.

Wednesday – Sobriety Maintenance 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm
A process group teaching clients relational skills and coping techniques in a supportive clinician lead environment. This group is appropriate for anyone on the recovery spectrum from thinking of cutting back use to long term sobriety.

Thursday – Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Mindfulness 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm
An experiential group teaching the basic fundamentals of meditation skills and mindfulness techniques to work with triggers, cravings, and strong emotions in the recovery process.

Saturday – LGBTQ Managing Emotions Group 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm
A mental health process group for LGBTQ identified folks to seek emotional support from other queer identified people and learn healthy coping skills and strategies.

Individual Counseling

Sometimes we just need that extra support in our recovery process. Individual counseling allows you to sit with a licensed clinician to help provide more intensive support to address substance use and mental health issues. Each therapist has their own approach to therapy and is trained to support you in your recovery process to accomplish your goals.

Peer Coaching

Peer Coaching is an opportunity to sit down either in a group setting or one-on-one with a trained Peer Coach graduate of our recovery program to receive support in the process of recovery. Self-Management and Recovery Training (SMART) curriculum is used to address recovery from a 4-Point Program perspective encompassing:

Point 1: Building and Maintaining Motivation
Point 2: Coping with Urges
Point 3: Managing Thoughts, Feelings, and Behaviors
Point 4 : Living a Balanced Life

Peer Coaching groups are available on:

Tuesday – 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm
Wednesday – 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Additionally, our Peer Coach coordinates monthly sober night activities and outings. For more information and a current schedule of events check out our calendar.

Case Management

All clients in our recovery program have access to case management. Our case manager will sit down one-on-one to provide support in accessing health care coverage, housing support, food support, HIV medical case management and treatment referrals just to name a few of the offered services.

For questions or to set up an appointment, contact us at 720-382-5900 or

The Denver ELEMENT provides care and support for men who have sex with men.