Keeping our community healthy

Minimize your risk with free therapy for HIV-negative GBTQ men, ages 18-45. Learn more >>>

HIV+ support: POSITIVE Impact 

Social and support group for HIV+ guys. Together we can live positively! Learn more >>>

Substance use—how much is too much?

Learn the health and social consequences of risky use and find help when you need it. Learn more >>>

For young men 18-29: Denver PIQUE

A safe, healthy, supportive community for gay, bi and questioning young men. Learn more >>> 

Sheridan Health Services, a federally-qualified nurse-managed health clinic, serves as the medical home for our clients with mental health and substance use issues offering
• Primary care
• Dental care
• Pharmacy for prescribed medications
• Medication-assisted treatment
• Culturally competent, bilingual staff